1. What are Mod Vanity instant nails?

Luxury reusable nails that provide an instant full set with nail art. Forget the inconvenience, fumes, unsanitary salon conditions, and bad customer service. We make having nail art easy and fun. Less time in the salon means more time doing things you actually enjoy.

2. How many nails come in a set?

20 nails. We listened--those nail kits can be annoying. So now you have 20 nails in one set to find the perfect fit. 

3. How are Mod Vanity nails different? 

Our nails are designed to actually mimic a full set. From the structure of the nail to the nail art our nails are salon-quality without the hassle of the salon. Drugstore bought press-ons are thin and flimsy. Our nail sets are durable and of premium quality. Plus you get 20 nails! NO sizing kit needed. 


4. How to apply Mod Vanity nails? 

Glue Method (4-7 days of wear)

  1. Push back cuticles
  2. Lightly buff nails
  3. Wipe nail with alcohol pad
  4. Apply 1 or 2 drops of Mod Vanity glue to the inside of the MV nail

**Make sure you spread the nail glue around to cover the sides and the cuticle area of the MV nail.

  1. Apply Mod Vanity nail to the respective fingers.
  2. While applying the MV nail press down the nail with your thumb, and roll from left corner to right corner for 10 seconds

5. Are Mod Vanity nails re-useable? 

Absolutely! We want you to get the most out of your purchase—that’s one of the reasons our nails are durable. For re-use after nail tab, simply peel the nail tab off. For re-use after nail glue, use the Mod Vanity stone to scrap the inside of the instant nail. After buffing the inside of the nail, re-apply whenever you like.


6. How do I determine my size? 

Each set comes with 20 nails. When your kit arrives, just try each nail on til you get a perfect fit. 


7. When will my nails arrive? 

Our current processing time is 1.5 weeks. Once the sets are mailed, they typically arrive in 3-4 days.  Please note, we do not guarantee a delivery date. Once we release the package to the carrier we are not responsible for delays or lost packages—a refund will not be provided due to unforeseen factors related to shipping.

8. Oh no, I entered in the wrong shipping address? 

If you have entered in the wrong shipping information, please contact us immediately to update the information. Otherwise, once your order is processed we will not be able to fix it.  A note for apartment residents, please enter your apartment number. USPS may return a package to sender if the apartment number is not on the shipping label.


9. Does Mod Vanity accept cancellations or returns? 

We do not accept cancellations. Due to sanitary concerns, we do not accept refunds. We try our best, but if you received the wrong item, please email orders@modvanity.co. We will investigate and make it right. Please note, if there is an issue we can only resolve the issue if the nails are unworn  and free of glue.