DAMN! It's Still Upsetting Me and My Homegirls.

Okay. We know. Honestly, when we were complaining about not being able to go to brunch and wear our press on nails outside the house we did not think 2020 could get any worse. Um well it did. From the stress of more senseless killing at the hands of police to the fleeting "we care about black lives" by many brands and non-black folks, we stayed upset, y'all! Plus, the F*$king PANDEMIC! 

I mean, can we (my community of Mod Babes) be honest for a sec? As a brand created and designed for us by us--can someone say "F.U.B.U"-- it was tough to be like "oh, hey, buy our amazing press on nails while the world is on fire."  All while processing the world as a black woman and business owner. 

The last couple months have consisted of the following emotions: 




July had me like "whew, I cannot out work capitalism. Will my baby Mod Vanity survive?" 


Took a break to receive some breakthroughs with Mod Vanity. Just a fancy way of saying "BUSINESS BURN OUT!" Shout out to my friend Kat for diagnosing me. 


But Also...

I meaaannn, it was still wild in these streets. Kinda like damn what are the next four years going to look like. 


Mod Vanity breakthroughs loading... 



Election angst mixed with joy...

 Although the last several months have been an emotional rollercoaster, I did mention some breakthroughs for Mod Vanity. The biggest is focusing on elevating the customer experience. We asked ourselves: "how can we make your lives easier" and  "what have have you told us?" 


 Yup. That has been the consensus. Well good news! We've ditched the sizing kit and predetermined sizes. All sets now come with 20 nails. Say goodbye to measuring nails and hello to connivence. Don't worry--same luxury press ons and more bang for your $$$.